Motorcycle Trailers

In life there is always compromise with sacrifice. The way your ride your motorcycle shouldn’t have to be one of them. Uni-Go Trailers provides one of the safest motorcycle trailers that you wont even notice you’re towing. With styles to match any bike you will not have to compromise anything.

Superb Handling
Regardless of the load weight, the Uni-Go suspension system eliminates bounce to create an exceptionally smooth and stable ride. Even when the motorcycle trailer is fully loaded, Uni-Go has minimal effect on your bike's cornering and braking abilities.

Ride like you do!
Uni-Go tracks perfectly inline with your bike.
Ride the best lines – Uni-Go leans with you into the corners. It has minimal effect on fuel consumption by towing in the bike's slipstream.
It's no wider than the bike – wherever it fits, so does the trailer.

*Uni-Go and Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers is a registered trademark of Schoolhouse Motorcycle Accessories, Inc.

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