Motorcycle Trailers FAQs

Here at Uni-go Trailers, we felt a Motorcycle Trailers FAQ page would be helpful to those who are interested in purchasing one of our Motorcycle Trailers. If you have a question that has not yet been answered below, please feel free to use the form on our site to Contact Us with your inquiry.

Superb Handling

Q. Does load weight of a Uni-go motorcycle trailer impact cornering or breaking abilities?
A. Regardless of the load weight, the Uni-Go suspension system eliminates bounce to create an exceptionally smooth and stable ride. Even when the motorcycle trailer is fully loaded, Uni-Go has minimal effect on your bike’s cornering and braking abilities. A Uni-Go Trailer leans with you into the corners. It has minimal effect on fuel consumption by towing in the bike’s slipstream.

Perfect Size Motorcycle Trailer

Q. How wide are the Uni-Go custom pull behind motorcycle trailers?
Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers are customized so it’s no wider than your bike. Wherever it fits, so does the trailer!