Uni-Go Classic Motorcycle Trailer


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Product Description

Superb Handling
Regardless of the load weight, the Uni-Go suspension system eliminates bounce to create an exceptionally smooth and stable ride. Even when its fully loaded, Uni-Go has minimal effect on your bike’s cornering and braking abilities.

Ride like you do!
Uni-Go tracks perfectly inline with your bike.
Ride the best lines – Uni-Go leans with you into the corners. It has minimal effect on fuel consumption by towing in the bike’s slipstream.
It’s no wider than the bike – wherever it fits, so does the trailer.

With volume a little less than a 44-gallon drum, you’ll be surprised at how much gear fits inside a Uni-Go. The large opening allows easy access for bulky objects.

What can you get in a Uni-Go?

  • 1x Un-go interior bag filled with clothes
  • 1x 2 man tent
  • 1x Double air bed
  • 1x Foot pump
  • 2x Sleeping bags
  • 2x Pillows
  • 2x Folding stools
  • 2x Folding chairs
  • 1x Folding alloy table
  • 2x Pairs of shoes

*Uni-Go and Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers is a registered trademark of Schoolhouse Motorcycle Accessories, Inc.

Additional Information

Overall Length

53” / 135 cm


22″ / 54cm


32″ / 80cm

Body Length

6″ / 92cm

Cargo space

140 Liter / 5 Cubic Feet

Empty weight

70lbs. / 32kg

Max. Cargo weight

110lbs. / 50kg

Tongue Weight

1/3 of combined trailer & load weight


Metzeler 130 / 70 / 10


Light weight tubular steel

Swing arm

Off set counter acting cast alloy


Coil spring with rebound damper


Hand laid fiberglass


Polished stainless steel


Fully lined with removable center piece

Alloy Handle

Cast alloy


12 volts – Stop / Light / L & R Turn


Padded black vinyl, snap fitted to body

Clear film protector

8 mil clear chip protector