Uni-Go Classic Motorcycle Trailer

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Superb Handling
Regardless of the load weight, the Uni-Go suspension system eliminates bounce to create an exceptionally smooth and stable ride. Even when its fully loaded, Uni-Go has minimal effect on your bike's cornering and braking abilities.

Ride like you do!
Uni-Go tracks perfectly inline with your bike.
Ride the best lines - Uni-Go leans with you into the corners. It has minimal effect on fuel consumption by towing in the bike's slipstream.
It's no wider than the bike - wherever it fits, so does the trailer.

With volume a little less than a 44-gallon drum, you'll be surprised at how much gear fits inside a Uni-Go. The large opening allows easy access for bulky objects.

What can you get in a Uni-Go?

  • 1x Un-go interior bag filled with clothes
  • 1x 2 man tent
  • 1x Double air bed
  • 1x Foot pump
  • 2x Sleeping bags
  • 2x Pillows
  • 2x Folding stools
  • 2x Folding chairs
  • 1x Folding alloy table
  • 2x Pairs of shoes

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